Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome to A Girl's Guide to Being Thrifty and Nifty!

Welcome to my premiere post!

I must begin by thanking my friend Kelly who introduced me to the world of blogs. I am now a bona fide blogger! I am excited to get started, so here goes nothing!

A little bit about myself...I am a young newlywed girl from the Midwest trying her best to fix up her home on a "shoe-string" budget. I have fallen in love with decorating my home, and boy--just think of what I could do if we had more money! But, you know how things go when you're just starting out...There lies the inspiration for this blog. I am always looking for good deals on home decor and ideas for things that I can make myself (I love to get my craft on! It's in my genes--thanks to mom!).

With "A Girl's Guide to Being Thrifty and Nifty", I hope to share good deals I find and creative ideas for homemade decorating projects. I will warn you: I'm not a professional...more like a beginner. Really, I'm a teacher by day, and a decorating dreamer by night! I look to magazines, books, other people's homes and, yes, other people's blogs for design inspiration. I look forward to sharing my "finds" with you and I hope you'll return the favor!